Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Shower #2 Weekend

Last weekend was Baby Shower #2 with my family & friends! It was a great weekend and a beautiful celebration for Baby M!

The weekend started with my friend Danielle coming in on Friday with her 2-month baby girl, Devra Nicole. What a precious and good little girl! She's just sweet as can be and it was so fun to just watch her..and get some practice of course! It was also entertaining to see how our dog Jax reacted to her. He was actually very protective, any time she would sneeze or cry or basically make a noise, he'd be at her side checking on her. It was pretty adorable.

Jax playing protector or licking feet
Hubby getting practice
My turn for practice

Saturday was the shower and the location was a surprise - which I didn't know ahead of time. I thought we were having it at my sister's house right down the street, but when hubby told me we needed to leave a little early to run an errand, I knew something was up. He's not very good at being sneaky :)
My family ended up renting out a party room at the Greene Turtle, a local restaurant here, and had it all decorated and ready for the shower. It was so cute and a fun surprise! After socializing a bit and eating, we played several games and even a few games for the guys (bobbing for nipples - lol it was a little gross but hilarious).

Then we opened gifts. We got so many sweet things for Baby M - I spent a majority of the next day going through everything with hubby and my mom to organize and wash and just play lol.

My niece manning the diaper raffle table
Gift Table
Me & Hubby

Me & my friend Tessa - another pregger!

Me with some of my college girlfriends

Me with some of my fam

It was such a nice day and I'm so grateful for everyone that came. Baby M is just so blessed to have so many people that love her already. Just a few more weeks!!

Sincerely, Brit

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