Friday, June 27, 2014

Beginner Photography

With a new baby on the way for us (only 2 months away now!) I've taken up an interest in photography in hopes of capturing lots of shots of baby M after she arrives. My photography experience/knowledge was basically non-existent with the exception of my phone and some point and shoot cameras we've had over the years. So after some extensive research and helpful advice from a friend who also has an interest in photography, I settled on purchasing a Canon Rebel EOS T3i DSLR camera. Mouthful right?

So far I LOVE it! It was a little overwhelming at first trying to figure out at least a portion of what it can do, what all the buttons and dials are for, and trying to understand how ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed all work together to make their magic. Therefore, I spent the first 1-2 weeks using auto mode as I assume the camera is much smarter than I am in judging the best settings to use depending on the environment. However, the last few days I really feel like I'm getting the hang of it better and using the manual settings more and more and just practicing when I can with birds on my feeder in the mornings and my faithful dog Jax, willing or not to participate lol. YouTube videos and online blogs have helped immensely too in just getting started.

Here are a few of my beginner pics from this week:
Jax's cute face
My pink lillies
Jax watching his daddy mow the lawn
Watching tv
That tongue...
Sleepy boy
My elusive cardinal! So hard to catch him

My nephew being silly
On his way to lunch...mid-air
Done eating and on his way

Looking forward to getting more practice over the remainder of the summer and gaingin a better understanding of all this baby can do before capturing our baby's firsts!

Sincerely, Brit


AAPK said...

Love the pics of your pup!! You'll have to become a camera pro so you can train me! I've been wanting to make the leap to a DSLR too but it is so intimidating!!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks Ash! It was very intimidating at first but gets easier just by practicing as much as you can around the house and what not! I highly recommend one! :)