Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Dog Jax

I was going through my phone earlier and found tons of pics of my dog, Jax. Clearly I treat him like my child and take way too many photos of him. So in the interest of saving them somewhere handy and clearing up space on my phone, here's a few of my faves!! Warning - Photo Dump ahead!  :)

Sniffing the air conditioning
Not ready to wake up yet mommy

Jax, Bailey & Eddie all asleep on the couch
Jax and his buddy, Caramel
All curled up in my nephew's booster seat
Working on his learner's permit
All smiles!
Streeeeetch it out!
Sleeping awkward
Just a cute little face
Snuggling with his mommy!
Enjoying the view and a little cat nap
Panting profusely
Mesmerized by the Dog Whisperer
Loves car rides and letting his ears flap in the wind
He looks like a man dog here...full on beard!
Sleeping on the job at Mommy's work
Back seat slumber

Sincerely, Brit

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