Friday, November 30, 2012

Mean Beans & Band-Aids: Thanksgiving 2012

This year the hubby and I spent Thanksgiving at home, just the two of us, and it was wonderful! No, we don't dislike our families, quite the opposite actually, as I would have LOVED the opportunity to have a full house of our families to cook & entertain for. However, hubby had to work both the day before and after Thanksgiving, preventing us the opportunity to travel north to visit with family. Therefore, it was a Medina Thanksgiving - Party of 2!

We actually slept in a little which was nice, then hubby made a delicious breakfast of random yummy-ness! Then we took the ours & my mom's dogs for a long walk around the neighborhood (it was a beaut day!). 

random breakfast - but deelish!
After our walk we got down to cooking! We made entirely too much food for just the two of us but that's OK, we had lots of leftovers. The day was going great, just me & the hubs prepping & cooking and watching football until I had a run in with a couple cans of mean, green beans! The first can I reached in to get the lid out after draining the water and sliced my fingers on the inner rim of the can. I actually didn't notice it until a few mins later and I saw a light line of blood on my fingers (don't worry I wasn't handling the food anymore at this point!). So I rinsed and band-aided up and tackled a 2nd can of mean beans. This time I tried to be more careful but the inside got me again, this time much deeper and I felt it right away. It basically cut a gash into my ring finger which stung big time. It's always the little cuts that hurt the worst isn't it?? So I rinsed and cleaned it out and band-aided up again and excused myself from the remaining kitchen duties to avoid being a danger to myself any further lol. Luckily we were almost done prepping and cooking anyway so it didn't all fall to my hubby. Here's the damage done to my hand and our bountiful spread:

Mean Bean - 3. Me - 0. Fail!
our kitchen craziness..not too bad!
close up of the goods - stuffing, turkey, ham, diced sweet potatoes, green bean casserole & mac n cheese

So we wrapped up the day with relaxing, some card-making for me, watching football, and then a quick trip to Michael's to catch some of their AWESOME sales! I got lots of new cardstock, scrapbook paper, cricut accessories, and some other odds & ends. It was exciting because then I got to go home and play with all of them the rest of the night. I did take a break though for a little music session with the hubby when he broke out his guitar for some sing-along time (one of our hobbies to do together!). That is until Jax snuggled up to husband and plopped his head right on his guitar! Did he want him to stop or did he love it so much he wanted to be right up in the action? lol who knows! It was just adorable either way!

Seriously Jax?
I give up. You win.
My boys then pooped out on me early since Hubs had to work the next day and Jax....well...he just ate too much I guess!

So that was our Thanksgiving in a nutshell. Hope all of you had a wonderful day as well! 

Sincerely, Brit

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