Monday, November 19, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 - "Time to Grow Up"

I went to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 this past Saturday with my friend Danielle and it was AWESOME. It was by far, my favorite of the Twilight movies. I'm not what you would call a "Twihard" - one of those fans waiting in line for the Midnight showings, but I did enjoy the films...for the most part.

My least favorite was New Moon, mostly because I think Kristen Stewart acts like an idiot "adrenaline junky" which comes off as pathetic and desperate...doesn't set a good example for young girls to be independent post-relationship breakups. She's basically 2 seconds from killing herself the entire movie in hopes that Edward will show up to save her. Please...give me a break up and grow up. But I guess that's somewhat on par with high school right? "OMGosh he left me! My life is over!" OK - so maybe she was dead on.

This final film hoisted all of the characters to a new level though where confidence in their roles was finally evident and Kristen Stewart better embraced her new life as a vampire than she had as a human (maybe that's supposed to be part of the story though, right? She was meant to be a vampire all along, which is why she was never fully comfortable in her skin as a human? hmmmm....). Still the same pathetic facial expressions, but the chemistry between her and Robert Pattison was clear. Still, I couldn't help but think every couple scenes when they're together, "what a cheating B!" lol 

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Otherwise, the twist at the end was PERFECT, and the last few minutes paid homage to all of the characters from each film while "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri played. It was a flawless ending, reminiscent of a year book video of sorts, saying goodbye to each of the characters and the story. It was actually a little sad, so to hold back more than the initial few tears that started rolling, Danielle and I actually broke out in song, singing aloud to the lyrics lol. Don't worry, there weren't many people at the 10:30am showing and those that were, were singing too..I think. 

As we were walking out, Danielle summed it up good, saying "Whelp...guess it's time to grow up and move on...we ARE 28 years old now!" HAHAHA Sad but true. But I contend there will be others that we'll latch on to...hey, we're only 1 movie in to the Hunger Games series so we've got a few more years of that at least!

In honor of the final film frenzy, here's a my take on me & my hubby as vampires...thanks to a little photo editing fun over at

Anywho, I give it two thumbs up (watch out Siskel and Ebert!). I'd actually go see it again, if that further confirms my excitement for this final installment. Any takers?? Anyone else see it yet? What was your take?

Sincerely, Brit

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