Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Labor Day Weekend was busy, but SUPER fun! Saturday, H2B and I went to our friend's house which was A-MAH-ZING! We watched the WVU WIN out by the pool, got our tan on, ate lots of yummy snacks and went jet skiing! It was such a fun day!

Speaking of snacks, I wanted to share the recipe for my favorite dish to make when going to a party...TACO DIP! Now, I make a low-fat version, but ingredients can be substituted, depending on your taste of course. But with the taco seasoning, it tastes the same to me! See pics and recipe below & enjoy!!

1 stick of cream cheese
1 tub of sour cream
1 head of lettuce
1 tomato
1 packet of taco seasoning
Shredded cheese
Salsa (optional)

Final Product! Yum-O!
1. In large bowl, mix together sour cream & softened cream cheese 
and blend with mixer if needed
2. Mix in taco seasoning, a little at a time
3. Spread evenly in rectangle dish
4. Shred lettuce and dice the tomatoes
5. Spread this layer of lettuce over the dip
6. Spread generous layer of cheese over top the lettuce
7. Sprinkle a layer of diced tomatoes
8. Refrigerate until serving time
9. Serve with Tostitos & Enjoy!!

Steelers 6-back beer holder!
P.S. - How cute is this little six-pack beer/soda holder that my mom got me for Christmas last year?! Steelers of course! Perfect for carrying a few cold ones to a party in style! The little handles open to insert the drinks and tie neatly in a bow or bunny ears style!

Also some pics from my poolside view on Saturday and fun w/ the fam Sunday at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa! Won some and lost some, but we had a blast! Even grabbed lunch at their cafe and it was deeelish! I had a portabello mushroom burger! YUMMY!

Hiding from the sun for a bit lol
Me & Hubby-to-be with my mom & step-dad -
Lunch @ the Hard Rock Casino
My mom & a Michael Jackson hat display

How was your holiday weekend??
Sincerely, Brit

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