Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekly Digest

Thoughts from the week:
  • OLYMPICS: I love the Olympics being on! TV is boring without them. I'm over the Michael Phelps hype, Lochte wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped, diving is interesting, was very excited for Gabby in gymnastics, but not gonna lie, felt a little bad for the Russian who cried after finding out she placed 2nd. She did a great floor routine and you could tell her heart was just broken. I'm 100% team USA - but that doesn't mean it's easy to watch someones dreams crushed for something they've basically worked their entire life for - now excited for the track competitions!
  • FITNESS: Feeling good from my healthy eating, consistent workouts and runs the past 2 weeks. Ran 4 miles last night (woo hoo!) and been keeping up with the MyFitnessPal app to track my daily meals & exercises and the NikePlusRunning app to track my runs! Love this! Below is a shot of my recent runs (didn't start back up till end of July as you can see lol, and my first Aug run):
  • WEDDING DRESS: Had my first wedding dress fitting last night and it went GREAT! I was a little nervous how it would fit but overall we're in good shape. She's giving me 3 more weeks though to see if I lose a couple lbs which will mean we won't have to let the top out some (bonus!) and then all she'll have to do is some hemming at the bottom. Who's excited?!?! THIS GIRL!!
  • WEDDING TO-DOs: Feel like I have a lot of these this weekend now that we've hunted down gotten the majority of our RSVPs back. And H2B is off this weekend so I have to soak up all of his helping time the weekends he is off and get things knocked off of our list.
  • WEDDING HAIR: Finally landed on a definite hairstyle for me & my bridesmaids. I am fine with my BMs picking their own style, but I already had two mention they would like to do a low side pony which will save some time in the getting ready process since it's a pretty simple style. Here's the pic I'm using for my hair (half back with loose waves/curls) and the BMs low side-pony:
  • WORK: Pretty busy this week but all of my clients are happy so that's a plus!
  • MOVING DAY!: Not me Mom & Step-Dad!! AHHH They're officially moving to Florida this weekend!! I can't believe it! It happened so quickly! They visited in June, found a house, bought the house and are driving down from MD this weekend! YAY! So excited they will be down here and H2B and I will have family around. It's truly a blessing! My mom is like one of my best friends!

OK that's my digest for the week. How was your week?

Sincerely, Brit


AAPK said...

I am just so happy for you girlie! You deserve it! Also, SO jealous that your mom is moving down! I miss mine so much and I'm sure you are over the moon to have family close by!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks AK! Yes, it's hard being away from family so I'm super excited my mom & step-dad are here now! YAY! :)