Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wedding Countdown: 1 MONTH

I'm like a little kid today because it's exactly ONE MONTH until my wedding day!! YAY!!! I'm so so excited I can't even stand it!! :)

In the past week I've gotten A LOT done so I'm feeling pretty good. I've finished making timelines for the wedding party, settled on timelines with the hair stylist and photographer, finished ordering gifts for our parents, started decorating our cupcake display, finished our programs template and started cutting all the paper for them, and we've finalized our cupcake flavor selections. We got to select four (4) flavors for our wedding cupcakes and one flavor for our main cake. Here's what we'll be serving up:

Champagne Pear Bellini
Luscious white cake infused with pink champagne and chunks of pears draped in a light champagne cream cheese frosting and crowned with an edible organic flower

Chocolate Guinness Bear
A rich chocolate cake infused with Guinness beer that is then dipped in a rich chocolate ganache, swirls of white chocolate butter cream and garnished with a chocolate covered pretzel 

Cookie Dough
Chocolate chips studded into a vanilla cake,  smothered with cookie dough frosting and sprinkled with semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

Red Velvet (for cupcakes and main cake)
Oh so moist deep red vanilla and cocoa cake draped in a classic cream cheese frosting and topped off with white chocolate shavings

Sounds deeelish, right?! Check back this weekend for pics of the hopefully finished cupcake display and programs.

Have a great day everyone!

Sincerely, Brit

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