Thursday, August 16, 2012

The joys of being a dog mom.

It's so nice when you get off work, arrive home and walk in the door to your dog who is SO excited to see you! As if you've been gone for MONTHS! It's love!

So this was how my evening started yesterday until all hell broke loose. I got Jax leashed up and we headed out for a walk to our apartment clubhouse to pick up a package that had been delivered while I was at work. Silly me didn't think to change before going so I'm still in my work shirt and skirt and sweating PROFUSELY by the time we get back to the apt. I can only image how Jax felt because, the bad doggy mom I am, he's in desperate need of a trim..his hair is far too long/thick now for the Florida summer heat. So as we walk in the front door, I'm disgustingly sweating and he's heavily panting...we were a mess lol.

Jax runs right to his bowl for some water and as I'm getting ready to go change clothes, I hear him making weird convulsing sounds and of course, he's throwing up in the living room. great. I figured he drank his water too fast maybe? So I run to get gloves, paper towels and resolve, and as I'm cleaning, he starts throwing up again, in another part of the living room. WTH?! I hurried to pick him up to put him in his cage so I could at least keep the puke detained for a bit. Then he throws up twice in his cage. OMGosh..I'm sweating and gross with a sick dog in a puke filled apartment lol. What a way to start the evening.

Then I carefully maneuver him out of his cage to avoid getting his paws in the pukage, take him to the bathroom (easier cleanup location) and then over a span of 5-10 minutes he throws up about 6 more times. I'm mid way through trying to get some water in him and cool him down, we're sprawled on the bathroom floor, completely disheveled hair and work clothes by this point, when hubby-to-be gets home with an "uh-oh" look on his face. Thankfully he rolled up his sleeves and got right down to helping me out. He started cleaning the bathroom floor as I gave Jax a cold bath to cool him down. I still wasn't sure if he was sick from the sauna walk we took or from something else, but thought it best to cool him down anyway. The rest of the night he was pretty calm and sleepy thank goodness. But what an ordeal. He's definitely preparing us for kids one day, that's for sure. It's not even so much that it was a pain to deal with, but I hate when he's sick. It looks/sounds so painful and as his mommy, my heart hurts for him and wants to help him any way I can. It's love. And I'm so thankful for hubby-to-be..he's always ready to help me with anything going on...he never complains...just gets it done. I love that man!

 So that was my evening in a nutshell. Ahhh...the joys of being a dog mom.

You can't not love that face, right? :)

Sincerely, Brit

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