Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thank you Parents!

As a thank you to our parents for making our wedding day possible, we have special gifts planned for each of them. In addition to those though, I'm also working on smaller gifts for my Mom & Dad... which will include a pic or two from when I was little. In the process of finding pics from my youngin' days, I stumbled across a few funny ones I just had to share!

My love for chocolate begins! And my sister rudely blowing out my candle!
I was obsessed with this tiara. I even snuck it to school one day for a class photo. My mom was not pleased when the photos came back! haha
Apparently I thought smiling meant scrunching my entire face until my eyes were closed :)
HUGE 90210 fan! And the Dylan/Brandon obsession begins! :)
Also a huge Ninja Turtles fan! Halloween costumes & even bathing suits apparently!
Flashback: My dad, sister (left) and me

Flash Forward to high school age: My dad, sister (right) and me

Isn't it fun finding old photos?? Makes me nostalgic. :)

Sincerely, Brit

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