Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ring Bearer Shell

So I like to do things a little different sometimes and I love unique ideas. And being my crafty self, the idea of a ring bearer pillow bored me to tears. So I did some searching online and found a ring bearer shell idea that was too cute to pass up, headed to Michael's for the supplies, and below are pics of the fruits of my labor:

I want to add some sand in the shell the day of. However, this all may be a mute point because my sister is worried my nephew (ring bearer) may be too nervous/shy/scared to even make it down the aisle lol and even if he did, he might view the shell as a toy and something to throw instead haha..which we clearly want to avoid. So we'll see how rehearsal goes and make a decision then. If it's a no-go, I guess we'll just have the Best Man hold the rings? Ahhh so many things to think about & plan for! I need a mental vacation.

Have you seen any other unique ideas for the ring bearer?

Sincerely, Brit

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