Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing: Mr & Mrs. Thomas

Mr & Mrs. Thomas! (at rehearsal dinner)
A couple of weekends ago, one of my very best friends, Danielle, got married! It was such a fun couple of days with her & our friends and I'm so super happy for her!

I flew to PA Thursday for rehearsal & the rehearsal dinner (yum---crab cakes!), then the all the bridesmaids had a sleepover at her Dad's house where she gave us thank you gifts which were AMAZING. She really went above & beyond with tote bags, makeup bags, bridal makeup, towel wraps, toiletries, a necklace with our initials, flip-flops...etc. I've already gotten use out of practically all of it! She's the best! Then we all watched some wedding shows and tried to go to bed. Me & my friend Erica were like little kids though and stayed up late chatting & catching up instead. So fun! :)

Before - Bridesmaid & the Bride
Friday we all woke up early, ran some errands (food & coffee basically..the essentials), then headed back for hair & makeup time. It was such a fun day hanging with the girls who are mostly my college BFFs, and a couple new friends now too. I love spending time with my girlfriends and miss our college days like cray (<-- word of the weekend BTW)! I think we have the best group of friends and I really love & appreciate all of them!

Finally it was wedding time! The ceremony was perfect and I cried several times of course, even though I really tried hard not to...I'm just such a sucker for weddings...the fact that it was one of my BFF's just made it worse lol. Then it was time to party! Me, hubby-to-be and all my friends spent the rest of the night dining, dancing, dipping lollipops in beer, swooning over a candy bar complete with blue gummy bears, and basically being our cray selves! It was Heaven.

After - Bridesmaids
Now that my dear friends and I have headed back to our homes spread across 5+ different states, I'm even more eager for my wedding day to see my friends AGAIN & celebrate...AGAIN! It will be here soon enough!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Thomas!!

Sincerely, Brit

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