Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridal Shower Rules

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

A couple weekends ago was my joint bridal shower with my friend Danielle and it was AMAZING!! We had so, so much fun! Thank you OODLES & OODLES to our friend Erica & my sis Julie for all your planning! The day of fun included a bus tour to two vineyards for wine tasting and fun (and the weather was PERFECT!), a mini afternoon nap, a lingerie party (woot woot!), dinner (deeelish!), and out for drinks & dancing! That's just a summary -- details would fill this entire blog up, but you get the gist! For those attending a bridal shower in the future, here's my Top 10 rules for a successful day:

#1. DON'T pull an all-nighter the night before FAIL (at 5am my sis and I thought it best to switch from beer to coffee to get ready for the long day I think my body is still recovering from no sleep that night)
#2. DON'T rely on one set of directions to maneuver your way through D.C. FAIL (thank goodness for Google maps on our phones!)
#3. DO invite your bestest, bestest friends to share the loads of fun with CHECK
#4. DO take a nap halfway through the day CHECK
#5. DO eat food throughout the day to help absorb some of the alcohol CHECK (this includes grapes, cheese, crackers and chocolate cupcakes!)
#6. DO take lots and lots of pictures and video CHECK
#7. DON'T forget Visine so your eyes aren't bloodshot for pictures FAIL
#8. DO have awesome friends that throw you a surprise lingerie party too because they know you can't take bridal gifts home on the plane CHECK
#9. DO leave lots of inappropriate penis confetti scattered throughout the hotel CHECK (you'd think we were leaving breadcrumbs to find our way home...initially used to decorate our rooms but we started seeing it everywhere from the breakfast buffet room, the parking lot, the hallways..etc. Even found several in my heels and suitcase when I got home! yes, inappropriate---but too funny!)
#10. DON'T have your bridal shower the next day FAIL (but it worked out OK, I wasn't hungover at all thank goodness, just tired--and it was great day!!)

Ok, so maybe these rules only apply to how our weekend went, but I think they're rules to live by! Now I leave you with some pics of our fun! 

Half of the party getting the wine tasting started!

Me & D - The this candid shot!
Our spread of food, wine & the awesome view
Me & my girl from high school - Michelle 
Don't you just love Dannica's lobster dress???
All ready for a night of fun!
Me & my Sis

Falve showing off her moves!!

Me & Meehan
Danielle enjoying her penis whistle

OK that's all. Don't you feel like you were there now?? Thank you to all my wonderful friends for making it such a special and amazing day!! Love you girls!!

Sincerely, Brit

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