Thursday, June 7, 2012

Traveling Bridesmaid...

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

I had a crazy busy week last week so I apologize for the lack of posts. My 5 days in a nutshell consisted of 6 airport visits, 5 cities and 3 flights. Sheesh! Here's a recap:

Last Weds, I had a 6:30am flight out of Tampa, a layover in Baltimore before finally landing in Pittsburgh. I met a colleague for some last minute meeting prep, went back to Pburgh airport to meet 2 more colleagues then headed to our meeting for a potential new client! Fingers crossed!

Me & SIL2B had matching bridesmaid shoes!
Then I stayed at my BIL2B (brother-in-law to be) and his fiance's (SIL2B) house Weds night.We had a lot of fun hanging out. I had only met SIL2B once before years ago so I loved getting to know her better! Hubby2B flew in Thurs so I went back to Pittsburgh airport to meet him and then we drove to West Virginia and spent the evening at his 'rents house for a GINORMOUS family dinner.

 Fri the girls got mani's & pedi's, went to lunch, had church rehearsal for my other SIL, then rehearsal dinner. PS - later that night, one of hubs 2B cousins gave me a sip of his raspberry drink and I had an allergic reaction. Awesome. Beet red face, hives on my neck, chest and arms. Super. But hubs2B sprang into action and gave me Benadryl, water and I called it a night. Luckily, I was hives free by the morning!

Sat I got my hair did and got ready, went to SILs house for pics, church for the wedding, then the reception. Sun we got up early for family brunch, went and ordered our wedding bands (woo hoo!), then went back to hubs 2B's house to say bye to his 'rents. Finally, we drove back to Pittsburgh airport, flew into Orlando, drove home to Tampa and picked up my dog JAX on the way! Wow, right??
Me & Hubs2B during dinner
So now I leave you with my fave video from the weekend festivities--my hubs2B making love to playing cowbell at the wedding with the band. It was HILARIOUS! Yup...that's my future husband. Ahhh! Lol and that's the BIL & SIL2B yelling "MORE COWBELL"!  ENJOY!!

Sincerely, Brit

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