Friday, June 22, 2012

hi june.

Hi Friends & Fellow Bloggers!

IDK where the month of June has gone? How is it almost over already? I apologize for my lack of postings. Every time I'd start a draft I'd get distracted or things change and I'd decide to write about the next current thing in my life. Eeek!! My bad!

To sum up this cray month, I've had 2 offers on 2 homes fall through (is there an emoticon for a VERY sad face?), finally sent out our wedding invitations (very HAPPY face), and checked several items off of my wedding to-do list (shoes, cupcake stand, limo reserved, selected our ceremony readings, registered, ordered our wedding bands, and started the pew decorations). Boo & Yay to the above!

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the this day to go by b/c tonight I fly to Baltimore, then early tomorrow morning I'm driving me, my sis & my friend Michelle from high school, to D.C. for me & my friend Danielle's joint Bachelorette Party!! WOO HOO!! Seriously super excited for this weekend! Here's some pics of me and Donyell. We've been friends ever since freshman year of college when we lived in the dorms together. We quickly became inseparable. Fast-forward 9 years and we're MOH's in each other's weddings within 2 months of each other! Couldn't be happier!

Charlie's Angels for Halloweeny! These are our "I'll kill  you" faces
Beachin' on one of her visits to Tampa!
 I'll be updating next week with pics & deets on how the bach party went! Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Brit

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