Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You're Invited--85 Times...

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

So the weekend of devoting myself to finishing our wedding invitations paid off! I finished 85 invitations! We're sending out about 80 so I did a couple extra to cover my bases and have TONS of leftover supplies in case we need to make more. Thank you for the encouragement this weekend! Check out our little dining room table now CONSUMED with wedding invitations:

It feels awesome to have these done. Now it's on to finalizing the inserts for reply cards and such which should be fairly easy to wrap up. I have the hubby-to-be helping on that task thankfully so we should be done in no time and ready to send these bad boys out by end of next week! YAY! This is a huge checkmark off my wedding to-do list so I'm thrilled and completely relieved to have this project over with.

Since you've gotten a sneak peak of the centerpiece in this picture too, here's a couple other views. What do you all think? We are trying to keep a beachy theme present without being too tacky about it. We think this is kind of subtle and casual but still ties in our purple color and can look elegant at night with the candles lit:

That's all the wedding updates for now. I'll also be working on the ceremony programs soon. If anyone comes across any setups or designs you particularly love, please send the links my way! I love getting new ideas and am willing to try them out so let me know! Have a great day everyone!

Sincerely, Brit


AAPK said...

Your invites are too cute! The bows look perfect. Love the centerpiece as well :-) So excited for you!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks girl! Glad they're done and I'm super excited too!!