Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Hi Friends & Bloggers! 

Yesterday and today were a little rough because yesterday I had dysplastic nevus surgery. What the heck is that, right? That's what I said when I heard it too. Basically it's the removal of an atypical mole that shows signs of being at risk to develop into melanoma. Eek! I actually have a lot of moles on my back so I finally got up the nerve to visit a dermatologist a few months ago to get them checked out. The Dr. did biopsies on two moles to start and if any came back abnormal, we would go from there in deciding to biopsy any others at a later time. 

The biopsies consisted of numbing the areas and basically scraping the mole and skin cells. Gross, I know. Two weeks later they let me know that one of the moles came back abnormal and was apparently "changing at a rapid pace" during observation and they recommended I have it removed. Awesome.

I'm really thankful the hubby-to-be was off yesterday to take care of me..he is a blessing. I was pretty anxious and nervous about the surgery but he's my rock and kept me calm. Not that I thought anything would go wrong, but just thinking about the procedure itself, of the Dr. digging a chunk out of my skin started to make me antsy and sick to my stomach. They cut the surrounding area of the mole in the shape of a football and went deep and around enough to get all the cells. 

Sleeping was basically impossible last night since it's on my back but thank goodness today the meds seemed to work a little better and I slept on and off most of the day. I'm back to work tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. My left arm movements need to really be limited since the incision area and stitches are right on my shoulder blade; any excessive movements will affect it healing the scarring.

I have to go back in 2 weeks to get the sutures removed and then back again in July to get 2 more moles removed off my stomach. While the recovery is a little painful, it's better to be safe than sorry. I recommend getting checked out if you have any moles you've noticed or are worried about. Some my Dr. was worried about were ones I hadn't even noticed. They're the sneaky ones! Any who, here's a pic of my back in recovery. Might not post any others once the dressings and stitches come out...I'm not that awful to share those josie grossy pics with you!

OK everyone, what was your most painful surgery ever? I think mine was getting my tonsils out but this one is a close 2nd. What about you?

Sincerely, Brit


AAPK said...

Aw sounds scary and painful! Hope you are feeling better today! Glad you got it taken care of, need my BFF BM healthy!! :)

PS - my one and only surgery was having my gallbladder out a couple years ago!! Not fun!!!!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks BFF AK! Wait--I guess I need to get used to BFF AG?! AHH lol

Gallbladder removed? Oh sheesh friend! Thank you for sharing!!