Thursday, May 17, 2012


Hi Friends & Bloggers!

As many of you probably know, I love being crafty, and I especially love making cards for people. In between work and wedding planning lately, I've still managed to carve out some time for my hobby love thank goodness. Here are some cards I've made recently to give you an idea of what I do:

flowers on the right are embossed
the pink rhinestones are my favorite!
wedding congratulations card
moving congrats card
 I started this infatuation a little over a year ago after my boss got me interested. She knew of my love of crafts so she introduced me to card-making. I've been slowly growing my supplies stash and obsession ever since! I love taking over our kitchen island with cardstock, glue guns, rhinestones, tons of stamps & ink, card cutters, and ribbon...etc. I find it relaxing and super fun to be creative and unique on each one and tailor it to the specific person receiving it.

This passion of mine is slowly taking up more and more space in my closet though so I'm getting more and more anxious to hear word on the approval of our house. Today has been 89 days since we made the offer so it's fair to say I'm more than slightly annoyed that we haven't heard back yet. One of my first missions though when if we do get approval is to make myself a craft room! AHHHH I get so excited just thinking about it! I love this girl's craft room I found on Pinterest and something similar will be my goal:

So that's all for today on this chic's hobby love. 
What is your favorite hobby and how did you get started?

Sincerely, Brit

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