Saturday, July 9, 2011

What can you find at a fresh market?

Last weekend Markus and I went to an outdoor mall near us, the Shops at Wiregrass, and to our surprise, there was a Fresh Market that day! I'd never been to one so it was fun to see the road blocked off for not only stands with fresh fruit & veggies, but other vendors selling cool stuff too!

The variety of vendors was pretty amazing. They had stands selling funky purses & random trinkets, tasty cooking spices, a gluten free stand (had to take a pic for my friend over at BeautyLite), and all sorts of different types of food. There was even a stand selling dog toys & supplies where I saw the cutest doggie raft/floatation vest that I talked myself out of..but it was super cute.

We ended up buying some cucumbers, avocados, red peppers, and a deeeeelish frosty wine mix in mango flavor. We sampled it at the stand and it was refreshing and yummy, we just had to buy some. And I have to say, the prices on the fruits & veggies were AMAZING! We got all of them for only $6! That's how much 2 peppers alone would cost at the grocery store! So if you ever know of a fresh market in your area, I recommend checking it out!

To wrap up the afternoon, we grabbed lunch at a "Gourmet Mexican" restaurant called Cantina Laredo. Perfect end to the afternoon with chips & salsa and frosty margs ( again for me). Cheers!

Sincerely, Brit


Anonymous said...

haha, thanks friend! We have a farmers market like that up here, but of course it's indoors - all. year. long. ugh. I love it though and we can also get tons of produce for really cheap. It's awesome.

I hope you're having a great wknd!

Erica said...