Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To: Win a date with Mila Kunis

This is one ballsy Marine! Not only is United States Marine Sgt., Scott Moore, in Afghanistan serving our country, he recently found the time to post a YouTube video personally asking Mila Kunis to attend his Marine Corps ball with him and can you believe it...she said YES! You've GOT to check out the video below of his request...SO funny & cute!

Gotta love him for coming up with the idea first of all. And you gotta love her! She's beautiful, funny, humble, and serving her country proud by accepting his request! Read the whole story HERE at the Huffington Post.

But hot damn! If I'd known all I had to do to go on a date with a celebrity was post a video request on YouTube, I'd have taken Jake Gyllenhaal to my high school homecoming, David Beckham to prom, and I'd be marrying Ryan Gosling tomorrow! I'm just saying. :)

Anyway, if you had your way and could post one YouTube video asking a celebrity on a date, who would you pick and why?? I'd pick Ryan Gosling because, well hello, washboard abs and I can't get his Noah character out of my head....ever. While I'm thinking of it, here's us recently on date night and then of course getting some private time together!

Ok those aren't real...just figments of my photoshop imagination. You're up friends & bloggers....who would it be for you? Who's your celeb candy????

Sincerely, Brit


Anonymous said...

LOL you're hilarious with the pictures!!

I liked her before, but now I like her even more that she said yes :)

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks friend! Who's your celeb candy you would ask out?

Erica [a pocket full of chuckles] said...

bahaha I'm laughing so hard at the last pic of you in the tub!!

Brittany Nicole said...

Hahah isn't that hilarious?! I'm still laughing out loud at it too and was laughing the whole time making it lol..good times!

Brittany Nicole said...

PS - who's your celeb candy friend??