Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony Rap

For those who know me, know that I followed the Casey Anthony case almost to the point of obsession, only to be severely disappointed and infuriated with the outcome of NOT GUILTY. I still can't believe it. Ugh makes me mad even thinking about it again...ok, back on track.

But I'm not the only one. In the midst of outrage following the verdict last week, people are coming up with all sorts of way to express their anger and opinions. I keep finding new ones every couple of days and just had to share my faves for anyone else interested!

  1. Casey Anthony Rap song - actually pretty good, but scary true--warning, explicit language in some parts
  2. Dexter pic below: via Warming Glow
  3. Dexter Morgan Meets Casey Anthony video below: (for all you Dexter fans out there! We share this "killer" intrigue)

To end on a positive note, please visit to sign the Caylee's Law Petition. It's a proposal that a new law be put into effect making it a felony for parent, legal guardian, or caretaker to not notify law enforcement of the disappearance of a child within 24 hours of the time they know the child is missing, so proper steps can be taken to find the child before it's too late. 

16 states have already begun writing their own versions of the law in light of the responses. So please do your part so at least something positive can arise from this tragedy and help children in similar situations in the future.

Sincerely, Brit