Sunday, June 26, 2011

What makes you quirky?

Do you have any quirks or something that makes you "weird" at all? For example, do you have to separate the food on your plate and won't eat them if they touch? Do you have to organize your dishwasher a specific way? What quirks do you have?

I only bring this up because the other day I was organizing my closet and realized mine (well, one of mine)---I color-code my clothes according to ROY G BIV and then sub-categorize them tank top to long-sleeves. I knew I did it, but Markus pointed it out to me again and it made me that weird? Do other people do that? Here's the proof:

Think I have too much black, white & pink
So what are your quirks??  I'm interested in knowing I'm not alone in my craziness!

Sincerely, Brit


cailen ascher said...

i am a perpetual "organizer". i am always stacking things, straightening up and make sure all items on my dresser-top, coffee table or desk are perpendicular. i guess i'm a little ocd...haha

cute blog - i'm your newest follower

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks for your comment Cailen and becoming a follower! I think I'm a little OCD too and am always lining things up a certain way too haha! PS - I like your blog too---super cute! :)