Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tune In Tuesday - What are YOU too sexy for?

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

Let me start by asking, What are you too sexy for? I want you to think about this while reading the entry and then comment with you answer at the end! :)

This morning on my drive to work, that song "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred came on. Haha How can you not sing along to it's fun silliness and remember the catwalk and muscle-bearing bald men rocking mesh shirts in their video? Right? I knew you'd agree!! So when I got to work I tweeted, "Do you think Right Said Fred is still too sexy for his cat? Was he ever really? #toosexy." Well to my surprise this afternoon, I got a reply from them!! @TheFreds said "after much consultation with the feline community we are forced to admit we were never too sexy for our cat." MUAHAHAHA How funny/awesome is that?? Thank you Right Said Fred! 

PS: I think I'm too sexy for turtlenecks. To quote the Mad Love episode last night, "they're like someone strangling you with mittens on." Your turn! What are YOU too sexy for??

Sincerely, Brit


HomeSweetDesign said...

Hi Brit.
I cam upon your blog on P90x, and wanted to know if you could personally answer some questions that could help me stick with it better!
Thanks so much!
xx Jen

Brittany Nicole said...

Hi Jen,

I'm happy to answer any questions you have on P90X. I'm no expert but I'll do my best based on my experience. My email is brittm22@gmail.com so feel free to shoot over your questions! :) Thanks!