Monday, April 11, 2011

Movies that Move Us Monday

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

So Last night Markus rented the movie Paranormal Activity 2. Eek. I was a little hesitant at first because scary movies...ummm hi...scare me lol. I will think about them for the rest of the night and sometimes a day or so afterward when it's bed time. It's a love/hate relationship. They excite me and I want to watch them sometimes, but they also really freak me out.

So, if you haven't seen the 1st one, Paranormal Activity-duh..Winning!, I recommend watching that before the sequel...which actually turned out to be a twist. The first one terrified me bad, especially the part where the girl gets up in the middle of the night and just stands next to the bed where her boyfriend is sleeping and stares at him and rocks back and forth. AHHH...still get goosebumps and a tad bit of anxiety thinking about it. I mean, I was scared to sleep with the bedroom door closed for awhile after watching that movie because the demons seemed to want to open it so badly that I'd rather just leave it open and not have to deal with hearing them squeak in and see an eery door moving by itself. Hell, come on in. You're gonna open it anyway!

So I'm watching the 2nd one and realize it's a prequel because the girl from the 1st is back ( spoiler there), ugh, great...she freaks me out. So crazy scary parts in #2 include: girl goes upstairs in nursery to get her son from the crib and she is thrown back and dragged down the stairs to the basement by an invisible force, screaming and kicking the entire way, only to reappear from the basement a bit later, walking slowly and creepily, obviously possessed...great. So then later, she's guarding the baby's room (still possessed mind you) and the daughter comes in to get the baby and the girl yells at her in an evil, exorcist-type voice, to leave the baby. OMG, and how about when the baby is moving backwards in his crib and then to an upright position? Or perhaps you prefer the ending...crap.. I don't even like thinking about it again. And I'm not gonna lie, even looking at the trailers again to find one for this post...seriously creeped out!!



So if you're into scary movies, I recommend checking out Paranormal Activity 2...if not, if you're like the other half of me and totally freaked out, then I'm sure the trailer above was enough excitement to last you awhile. Sweet Dreams!!

Sincerely, Brit

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Erica said...

i thought the 2nd one was so scarY!!