Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Weekend Getaway!

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

So it's been a long two weeks since the engagement (though still super exciting!) so Markus suggested we get away this weekend for a night and I thought it was a great idea. We've had some wedding date drama since Day 1 and I had a family member pass away last week so taking a metal & relaxation break sounded perfect.

So Friday after work Markus and I drove to Orlando (about 1 hr & 45 mins away) to a hotel I found online - Parc Soleil Suites by Hilton. It was a great deal and the hotel was awesome! HUGE room (seriously...all suites) and two ginormous pools. One in the main pool with a huge water slide and waterfalls & everything and another, calmer & quieter pool (probably more of the adult pool for those wanting more peace & to avoid the splashing kids). So Friday night after we checked in we took a cab to Downtown Disney and walked around checking out all the entertainment & restaurants, then had dinner & drinks at House of Blues (it was good, but a little expensive for the quality food..but that's Disney for ya!). Then we cabbed it back to the hotel with plans to hit up the hot tub only to find all the pools and deck areas closed at 11 (strictly...even some security ppl touring the grounds). That was probably my only complaint for this hotel, so that's not too bad I guess. So we just went to bed and finally got to sleep in a little on Saturday morning (it's funny that 830 is considered sleeping in these days).

Me & Markus playing tourist
Saturday was sunny & 85 degrees so we headed to the pool! We got great tans and enjoyed resting, reading and watching the kids go CRAZY over the water slide competition. Probably the only disappointing part of the day was the WVU loss in the 2nd round of the NCAA competition. Boo.

View of the pool at the cafe in the a.m.
Then late afternoon we got ready and went to meet Mark's uncle Eli at the Marriott while he was in town from Fort Lauderdale for business. He was great and it was the first family member we've gotten to celebrate the engagement with in person! He took us to an AMAZING Italian restaurant, Christini's. Seriously the highest class place I've ever been to! The waiters were all in tuxedos, the service was impeccable and the food even better, if possible. They even had an accordion player come by and play us three songs - one of which, Somewhere Over the was so sweet! We had calamari, gnocchi, was delicious. I seriously can't say enough good things about this place. And his uncle got us an amazing bottle of champagne, the waiters brought me & Markus a rose and a decorated dessert plate for our engagement, and then a celebratory lemon-drop like shot at the end to cap it all off, which Uncle Eli insisted that the waiter bring me one of the glasses as a souvenir. Lol. It was DEEELISH...Highly recommend if you've ever in Orlando! But be sure to make a reservation!!

As for today, I'm planning to take Jax to the tennis courts to let him play and run around for awhile because it's another nice day and since he was boarded Fri & Sat, I'm giving him lots of attention & fun time today while Mark is at work. Mommy-Doggy Day of Fun!! PS - here's a cute pic I snapped of him at the stop light the other it!

Jax taking in the breeze!
Sincerely, Brit

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