Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Then He Threw the Ring in the Ocean!

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

It's been awhile since my last entry (my apologies!), but I finally have some worthy topics! Since my last entry I finally got a new car (YAY!), a 2011 Honda Civic in charcoal color. LOVE it. Especially coming in handy with gas prices as the enemy these days and fuel efficient cars becoming my new best friend.

On to bigger and better things, I got ENGAGED this past weekend! OMGoodness I'm still SOOO excited! I look at my ring way too much and just smile. And if possible, I think I love my boyfriend, whoops, my FIANCE, even more knowing he's made the move to make it known that he wants to spend the rest of our lives together. It's an amazing feeling. So now... on the proposal story...and the day leading up to it! Here ya go friends!!

Saturday Morning
I wake up, go to the bathroom and put my contacts in and brush my teeth, go back to bed and Markus asks me if the tooth fairy came last night. I said "umm I don't think Jax has lost any teeth lately so no probably not." I was thinking, what the heck is he talking about? So he tells me he thinks she came and to look under my pillow, so I do and there is a BEAUTIFUL photo album that he'd put together for me with a sort of black & white cover and pink ribbon. It's a book of all of our 1st's. So he included a picture of Summit, the dorm we lived in together and met in freshman year of college, a picture of the night we started dating, 1st formal, 1st anniversary, 1st time fishing & crabbing, 1st concert, 1st apartment...etc. I'm sure you get the idea. But it was really an amazing gift and sooooo thoughtful. I love it. But I didn't think anything of it beyond then and there and it was just a romantic, sweet gift he was giving me. The end.

Saturday Day
So the rest of the day is just like any other Saturday (when I mentioned this to him later, he told me he wanted to do everything he could to make the day seem as mundane and usual as possible...mission accomplished). So we slugged out of bed, made breakfast, watched some tv, played some nintendo 64 (oldie but goodie!), went to Target, had lunch at Chili's, came back and he fell asleep watching sports center on the couch after highlights of the WVU win (GO MOUNTAINEERS!) and I sat out on the porch for a bit catching up on some reading.

After all this, our plan had been all day, and week really, to go to our mutual friend Autumn's house for a cookout. It was beautiful weather and I was looking forward to having a couple drinks and playing cornhole and cooking out with our friends! :) So we leave the house around 5:15 to head down to her house, which is about 45 minutes away.

Saturday Night
On the way, Autumn calls and asks if we've left yet and I tell her we're actually almost there, why? And she says her son Gabe has a really bad cough and it doesn't sound right so she's going to run him to Nighttime Pediatrics real quick and she'll just give me a call when they're done. So I say OK no biggie and hang up. I tell Markus what she's said and tell him I think that's kind of weird, like why couldn't we go to her house and just wait with her husband there? Whatever. So I'm like well, guess we have to mosey around for a bit, why don't we go grab an appetizer and a drink down the street? And Markus is like, yea,..ooh why don't we go try and catch the sunset at honeymoon? (Honeymoon beach is literally right down the street from Autumn's house so it made sense to go there and stay close). So I said yea that sounds fun & romantic! And he's like, yea let's be spontaneous! He'd started a spontaneous kick earlier in the week and had been using it every day since so this seemed fun and exciting to go along with our spontaneous week.

So we get to the beach and we're walking along the sand barefoot just people watching some and watching the sun, still a little bit from setting. So as we're walking I suggest we go sit on a bench I saw so we can relax and watch the sunset but he's suggests we keep walking. For some reason, I didn't really question it or think anything of it. Still at this time, I have NO idea that he's planning to propose! As far as I knew, he didn't even have a ring yet and it would maybe be another month or two. So then he sees a blanket and just kind of lingers by it for a minute looking around and then says, "let's just sit here for a minute..nobody's using it....be spontaneous!" And I'm sure i looked at him like he was mental. I said "I'm all for being spontaneous but I'm not THAT spontaneous..get up!..that could be that lady in the water's blanket! You're crazy!" But he coaxed me into it so I just sat as far off the edge as I could so if someone did come by, I could play it off like I was just sitting next to it lol. Then he starts looking through the cooler next to the blanket and I'm just baffled at this point thinking he's taking this spontaneous thing way too far. So after he can tell that I'm super uncomfortable and nervous to be yelled at at any minute by the supposed blanket/cooler owners, he goes along with my idea to keep walking.

So we walk closer to the water and at this point we're just kind of holding hands and hugging watching the sunset, until he turns to me, taking my hands and looks right in my eyes and starts asking if I know how much he loves me and how much I mean to him and everything. And then it starts to hit me that he's really nervous and saying things you don't hear all the time and I'm like oh shit, he's going to do something. But then I'm still telling myself, no way, don't get yourself excited, he doesn't even have a ring yet, he's just being sweet. Well, WRONG-O was I. He goes into a wonderfully thought out and heartfelt speech, even pulling from some of my fave movies, like The Wizard of Oz, saying ever since he met me I've shown him courage and given him heart and shown him how to love, and then The Notebook by having the beginning song of the movie playing lightly on his iPhone in his pocket and saying towards the end of his speech he wants to be be my Noah and me his Allie. He said so many wonderful things.

Then he finally says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and asks me to marry him as he kneels down and pulls out a ring box to show a really pretty round diamond ring. Now I'm in tears and saying yes as many times as I can. As soon as I saw the ring I greedily thought, it's not the ring I'd been wanting--one he'd shown me months ago that I never forgot and have loved ever since--but really thought the ring he had chosen was beautiful anyway! And at this point, who was I to be picky? He was finally proposing after 5 yrs of dating and I was absolutely thrilled! So he goes to put it on my ring finger  and it's too small! He starts freaking out, "what the hell?! it's supposed to be a 5 1/2.. your size! This is bullshit! And I'm like no no no it's OK I'll get it on! Give me it! He would not let me hold the ring AT ALL...he probably knew if he gave it to me I would get that bad boy over my knuckle and on haha!! So he's like, NO this is BULLSHIT and launches it into the ocean! I'm really thinking he's gone absolutely crazy at this point! Seriously thinking he's so upset that this ring didn't fit that he went somewhat insane and wasn't thinking and just threw it in the ocean! I couldn't believe it! So I'm like, WHAT THE F DID YOU JUST DO?!?!? (not censored at the time!). Then I'm like, you didn't really throw it did you?? Is it still in your hand?? I'm in between tears still and half in shock now. He shows me his empty hands and says no that was ridiculous, I really threw it! And I'm like WHY?!!?!?? We could have gotten it resized!!!! THEN....he reaches into his pocket and says, "well, I wanted to see how this one looks instead" and he pulls out the ring I've LOVED...MY RING!!!!! I start bawling again and telling him how unfunny that was! But I'm so happy at the same time!!

So then we kiss and hug and I'm just taking it all in and then he tells me to follow him. So we walk to another part of the beach and he tells me to start digging, which I do, and he's buried a brand new electric can opener! This is hilarious to me because if any of you have ever seen Father of the Bride and remember the part where Brian gives Annie a blender for their first wedding present and she freaks out and all, this has always been an ongoing joke with Markus and I for some reason. But we already have a blender but have had the worst luck with can openers so he got me a new one! So this was so so funny as my first gift from him! lol  Then he tells me to start digging again and I find a HUGE black sign with the word YES spelled out large in white and he tells me to hold it up and point in a certain direction and wave. So, confused, I do and keep asking who I'm waving to, and then out pops my friend Autumn who was taking pictures the whole time! Haha yay! It was soooo much fun and such an exciting day/night. I couldn't be happier with my new H2B (Hubby to Be). I couldn't have imagined it any better or planned anything more perfect. Everything was so creative and personal between us, and so romantic. I was on Cloud 9 the rest of the night and even still this week...understandably so!

So now, I'M ENGAGED, and starting the fun of planning! YAY! We're looking at an early May 2012 wedding right now but I'll keep ya posted! Little tired of typing after writing out the whole story, but it was worth it! Ive been smiling the whole time typing this, laughing out loud at parts, and even getting a little teary still. I'm just so happy. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the proposal story as much as I did!

Sincerely, Brit


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by & let you know I read the whole novel and I love it and I miss you!

linda said...

I loved reading this, I felt like I was there. This was filled with every emotion. Luv u, mom

Brittany Nicole said...

Thank you Danielle! My first & last book haha.

Thanks Mom! It was definitely an emotionally filled evening and I'm glad I could share it with you through here! :) Love you!