Friday, March 25, 2011

Step Away From the Tiara!

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

With my birthday on the horizon (Mar 28th), I started thinking about what I want to do to celebrate (actually had almost forgot about it…think I have wedding fever which is accepting all of my focus currently).

Beach day? Out for drinks? Dinner at Grille 54 with H2B & friends? All of the above?! Then I started thinking about where we’d go for drinks, where we’d meet first, what I’d wear…etc. Normal thought process of any girl I’m assuming….I hope. So then birthdays of recent years passed flash into my mind and the center of the flashes --- the infamous TIARAS! I don’t know about you, but it was acceptable, if not expected, that the birthday girl wear a tiara on her birthday (or whenever you’re celebrating) in college and even in the recent years since.

I’m going to share a slightly embarrassing, but cute, piece of information with you all. When I was in kindergarten, I L-O-V-E-D wearing a particular, silver sequin smothered tiara that was part of my dress-up collection at the time. I really can’t express how much I truly loved that darn thing. To show it off, I decided to take it to school one day and wear it ALL day without telling my mom. Well it just so happened this particular day was Class Picture day. Needless to say, yes…I’m in the picture in a white turtleneck, blue jeans, and my TIARA! HAHA I feel bad now that I didn’t inform my mom it was class picture day so she could have dressed me up and proudly been able to show off my pictures, but it’s a funny story now. I’ll have to dig for that picture to let you see the full effect. Keep checking back in…I have it somewhere!

So the tiara has, in my case, been around for years. But, since I’m not celebrating with any college friends this year, and I’m turning…cough 26!, does that mean tiara days are over? I think not. It’s the one day of the year to celebrate yourself, your birth and being alive without being considered conceited, right? Here’s a pic of my bday celebrating last year with fellow March bday friend Briana (Tiaras & sashes provided by my good friends Danielle & Erica) and a pic of my friends with their tiaras a few years back before heading to downtown Annapolis to celebrate their bdays!

And PS – I’m choosing to celebrate my last days of being 25 instead of celebrating turning 26…yet another year older. It’s not a happy thought for me to be crossing the line from mid-twenties to late twenties. Sheesh. I know I’ll kick myself in the ass in years to come for HATING the thought of turning 26…”I was such a young idiot” I’ll say. “Ahh to be 26 again!”

So I say WEAR THE matter what age! And if you feel silly about it, down a glass of champagne before heading out…then you won’t think twice about it! But make sure you have a designated driver please! Keep our roads safe and have fun! Cheers!

Sincerely, Brit

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linda said...

I will have to look around for the tiara picture. It was so cute.