Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dye'ing for a change

Hello Friends & Bloggers!

For most of you that don't know me, I like to change up my hair quite a bit. I've been blonde, red, black, and brown. Well, Spring is practically here (maybe early summer) in Florida and I've been itching to lighten up my hair. However, hair salons are SOOOO expensive these days! Especially with my hair longer than it's prbably ever could cost me $150+ to get my hair colored! Ugh. Idk about all of you, but that's just unacceptable. I'll THINK about paying that when I'm going from super dark back to blonde or vice versa, only because that's a big change that needs professional attention. Otherwise, I've never been a stranger to the store-bought, boxed colors. I usually use L'oreal brand, but this time I'm trying John Frieda color for the first time. It's the new coloring that uses foam! Interesting, right? I like all other John Frieda products I've tried before, so, why not? And at only $11.99, sure beats the heck out of a $150 coloring!

Review So Far: it was really simple to put on and seemed WAY easier to cover all of my hair as opposed to the regular liquids. When I first started, I was a little concerned there wouldn't be enough product for all of my hair, but then as I kept going and mixing it in my hair, I found myself doing everything I could to use all of the bottle! :) But I had to per the directions on the box. So, now I have it soaking in on my hair as I write this! I'm probably dirty blonde right now and hoping to go a few shades lighter as a blonde. I'll update with my final review after it's ready to be rinsed out! Wish me luck!

Sincerely, Brit

Final Review: ok I'm back! So I rinsed with luke warm water after 20 mins of leaving in the dye, then used the conditioner they provided and left on for 3 mins, then rinsed again. I'm really happy with the final color! It's a more even color than any at-home kit I've ever used. It's not a bright blonde, but I wasn't expecting that since my hair was almost a light brown when I started. But I like it and would definitely use again and recommend! :) Have a great night!


Single Unsingle said...

Hey Brit?

I change up my hair often too, but i cut it recently so in between figuring that out & looking for new styles, I'm busy tryna get used to it.

BTW, I found u thru 20sb.

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Erica said...

post a pic!