Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Steelers Saturday!

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

After a long week of trash talk, rude fans tagging me in Ravens pictures on FB, and the sincerest of smack talk coming from my dear sister and her husband, the STEELERS WON the greatly anticipated matchup between the Steelers & the Ravens this past Saturday night. THANK THE LORD!! :) I wanted to share these two pictures that sum up the night! MUAHAHAHA!

Hines Ward celebrating his touchdown!
Boo hoo - Whacko Flacco breaks down
It's always a nerve-racking game that can go either way it seems, and it's such a heated rivalry between the teams, so it always proves to be a great game. And it was. Though we slowly unraveled in the 1st half, we came back strong in the second, throwing Wacko Flacco off his game for our winning pleasure! It was most enjoyable to call and text my sister excessively afterward to express my excitement and take some pleasure in their disappointment, along with giving some fun status updates on FB to piss off some of the Ravens fans. I hate to stoop to their level and do so, but they were so shitty all week that I felt it was necessary..and I have no regrets lol. So now we're looking forward to this Sunday's game against the Jets since they upset the Pats last night...crazy! And luckily Markus & I are both off Sun night for the game so we'll be comfortably at home watching! GO STEELERS!!!

Sincerely, Brit

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