Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poltergeist Dog?!

So I had to share this hilarious story. My dog Jax doesn't like to be left alone. And to top it off, when either my boyfriend or I leave the apartment, he is put in his cage in our room, since we're still not sure how he would do being left alone to roam the apartment on his own.

So the other day I left the bedroom door open when I left, not thinking anything of it. Well, I get home from work last night, walk in and hang up my coat and keys and holler his name to let him know I'm home, loud enough to carry my voice from the foyer to the bedroom where he presumably was...where I'd left him. Not the case. After I hang up my stuff, I turn around to kick off my shoes and...SURPRISE!, there's Jax, in his cage still, but in the foyer right at the front door. It actually startled me at first! I couldn't believe or even understand how he got there! Not gonna lie, the movie Poltergeist crossed my mind, when the chairs are mysteriously moved around in the the TV people/ghosts?! EEEEK!

However, I knew he'd done it himself b/c when I've left before he's managed to maneuver his cage into my closet, on it's side, upside down..etc along with the cage marks in the carpet, looking like it's just been vacuumed. He's pretty talented...and ultimately hilarious to me! Anyway, it was just so funny to see him there looking at me from his cage, at the front door, like he basically wanted to make sure we really weren't anywhere in the apartment and to wait for us when we got home. But it was a bit of a hike for him to get there PS! From the middle of the room, down the hallway, through the dining/living room and onto the foyer. Hot damn doggie! So my plan is to one of these days set up a web cam in the liv room when I leave one day to capture his craziness! So stay tuned!

Sincerely, Brit

PS - he was so exhausted the rest of the night from his escapades through the was kinda nice and I was able to get a lot done! Woo hoo!


Erica said...

awww how cute!

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks's hilarious!