Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bayard Advertising - Here I Come!

It's official friends & bloggers.....I GOT A JOB! WOO HOO! YAY!! So excited!!!

The job is with Bayard Advertising, who is actually a competitor of the last company I worked for in Maryland. And I'm starting as an Account Manager (similar to my last job) so the transition should be smooth & easy! Score! I think they want me to start as early as next week so...I just wanted to share since I'm so excited!!

Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers over the past few months during my search. They are much appreciated and I'm sincerely grateful. Me's a working woman again!! woo hoo!!

Sincerely, Brit


Rhonda said...

So excited for you. You'll be amazing, as always.

Brittany Nicole said...

Thank you! I sure hope so! But I appreciate the compliment!

Erica said...

WOOHOO! congrats :) :)

Brittany Nicole said...

Thanks friend!! SO Excited!! :)