Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding Wonderland

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

So it's official...this past Friday, Dec. 17th,  my sister got married!! Yay! She is now Julia Breona Buckworth...we'll ignore the goofy last name and just revel in the excitement that she is now a wifey! I'm so happy for her. My sister and I are best friends and when she is happy, I'm happy. She had her string of bad luck with boyfriends and ex-husband past, but yesterday she married the most perfect person for her and she absolutely deserves it.

So since I flew into Maryland last Wednesday morning, it was a busy & stressful couple of days helping my family with final preparations - decorating the hall & church, preparing & picking up platters, finishing the music play list, working on the schedule of events for the night, and BONUS, shoveling snow! SNOW thank you. I come back from a weekend where it's supposed to be 70+ degrees in Tampa, FL to 20's and snow. Thanks a lot Mother Nature. Here's Jax experiencing his first snowfall:

 I imagine him saying "Mommy, what is this nonsense? Take me home to Florida!"

Along with serving as Maid of Honor, I was also designated as the events coordinator for the night for some reason so I was basically like a magnet to Julie & Andrew allll night making sure they were on schedule...eating, toasts, mingling, 1st dance, parents dance, cake cutting, video...etc. It was pretty insane and as a result, I didn't get to take any pictures or video (which is driving me NUTS waiting for other people to post pics soon!), and didn't get to try any of the food, though I heard everything was delicious!

Julie hugging me after my toast - Hailey wanted to join too!
I was most stressed about my Maid of Honor toast because that was the one piece I procrastinated on until the last minute and wrote the night before the wedding. Great job me..way to stress myself out even more. But my original plan was to just use most of the speech from The Hangover (when they're on the roof in Vegas), but then when I finally brought myself to write it, I didn't think it would be appropriate and thought I should do something more heartfelt and personal. So somehow I got an idea that I loved and just ran with it. Started typing and didn't stop until it was finished. I was a nervous wreck about having to read it for some reason, mostly just the whole public speaking factor and trying to figure a way to hold in the tears while I spoke. I'm happy to say it went well, many people cried and Julie loved it most and came right over to me afterward and cried & hugged me & thanked me for a good couple of minutes, which then I naturally cried at as well. So now I will be taking my speech and Andrew's brother's speech (also Best Man) and printing out for a joint frame as an additional gift. Here's how my toast turned out:

Maid of Honor -Sister Toast
Hi everyone! For those of you who may not know me, I’m Julie’s younger sister, Brittany. In thinking about what I wanted to say for my toast, I naturally started reminiscing about so many stories from our childhood…though I didn’t think many of them applied since they mostly consisted of us fighting. Flash forward 10 years and now we’re best friends..if only I’d of stopped listening in on her phone calls and stealing her clothes earlier!

So then I began thinking of everything I’ve admired about her and looked up to her for when I was growing up. Whatever Julie was doing or had, I had to have it too. If New Kids on the Block were the latest hits blaring from her boom box, they became my new favorite group. If Julie was wearing the ever-popular big-bangs hairstyle or a perm, yup, I was trying to rock that too…probably less successfully though not knowing what I was doing with a curling iron and a whole can of hairspray. And of course, I can’t forget sneaking into her closet to steal her “uber cool” Chicago Bulls or Charlotte Hornets Starter Jackets! Crazy, right? But whatever she did, I thought it was GREAT because she is my Big Sister, the coolest person I knew.

I’m sure from your view Julie, it was annoying to have the little sister who copied everything you did and wanted everything you had. But I’m not ashamed. And today, is my proudest moment to say I hope to one day have everything you now have. I couldn’t admire you more for having the love of such a wonderful man, and two children who see the same wonderful qualities in you that I’ve always seen. Now you have it all, and a loving marriage and family will, unlike trends of the past, never go out of style. Congratulations to you and Andrew and the family you have created. I love you guys.

Video Gift for the Happy Couple
As a small gift, I made Julie & Andrew a video of their life together these past 2 years. They loved it so much they decided they wanted to show it at the reception and it was a hit! Juls has officially cried 4/4 times she has watched it now haha! My work here is complete. Lol just kidding. Below is the video for those interested in checking it out!

That's all for now on the home front. Below are a couple of pics from the wedding/ceremony...I'll be posting more as soon as I get my hands on them! :)
Me & Hail during the wedding - she looks so happy!
The happy couple during their 1st dance
Me, my Dad & Julie @ the reception
Sincerely, Brit

PS - my puppy JAX did great on the flights to and from Maryland! I'd thought about boarding him but since he's still so new and just a pup, I thought it best to take him. So thanks to Southwest, he went in his carrier and was simply my carry on bag and slipped in right under the seat in front of me. He quietly chewed a new bone and licked peanut butter from his KONG and slept most of the flights. I was a little nervous about it all but so happy with how he well he did. People sitting around me didn't even realize I had a dog with me!


Danielle said...

OH MY GOD Julia wasn't the only one that cried while watching it. Congrats on getting me to cry while at work, lol. The video and MOH speech are great, Brittany! Julia is so lucky to have you as a sister!

I hope you're ready to do this all over again when I get married ;)

Brittany Nicole said...

Haha thank you friend! :) That was very sweet of you to say! Sorry for making you cry at work! And girl you know I will! AND BONUS - I just ordered the newest version of the video software so yours would have a lot more upgrades and cool themes! :) Any idea when this marriage of yours might be happening? ;) hehe love you!