Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glitter & Glue...and cardstock too!

Hi Friends & Bloggers!

So I already have a couple of Christmas cards which I bought earlier in the year to send to friends & family, but I got in the mood to be crafty of course and attempt to make some of my own. After some perusing of the Martha Stewart website, some cardstock, glitter & a glue gun, here's the results:

Made with stencils, mod-podge & glitter

Gift Wrapped Card - Made with curling ribbon & hot glue gun

Snowman pops out! Made with mod-podge, glitter & snowflake punch

They were a little more time consuming than I'd anticipated so I'm going to give these to a couple of my family members and probably purchase the rest. Sorry friends who are reading this, but you're getting beautiful, store-bought, poetically-written cards instead! :) Love you!

Sincerely, Brit

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