Monday, November 22, 2010

Let the Family Fun Begin

Hi Friends & Bloggers and Happy Monday!

So the day has finally come for my parents to visit! YAY! I'm really excited to show them around our area for the first time, the apartment, the neighborhood and the beaches & just to have them here! My Mom and Step-dad will be staying with us for most of their 10-day trip so for the past few days I've been a mirror image of the Energizer Bunny grocery shopping and cleaning. It's a little exhausting! But it definitely worth it and I know they're most excited to get here to the warm 82 degree Florida weather and away from the yucky 40 degree Maryland cold. I remember when I first moved down here I was wondering how it would feel having such warm weather on the holidays, but now that it's here, I LOVE IT. Cold weather is not necessary for it to feel like the holidays & enjoy it! We just have the bonus of being able to go to the beach on Thanksgiving day if we wanted to! :)

So today's plan is to workout, hit Wal-mart for some appetizer foods, cooking and of course some last minute cleaning. They're supposed to get here late afternoon around the same time Markus gets home from work so we're thinking about cooking out with chicken/shrimp/veg kebobs and playing some cornhole! My parents are oddly really good at it so we'll definitely have some competition!

Michael's Printable Coupons! 
I know it's close to Christmas, but there's some Craft Tote Bags I've been eyeing so I'll probably make my way to Michael's this week because right now they have several coupons so I'll see which one makes my purchase the least expensive! I found them via so you can check them out there for yourself or simply click the link below! Some great gift ideas there!

Michael's Coupons - The 20% coupon has expired but the 40% off one item is good until Wednesday along with the Custom Framing coupon :)

Well that's all for today! I have some cute gift ideas I found the other day at JCP & a website online but I'll have to share more about those tomorrow! Toodles!

Sincerely, Brit

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